Raw Food

cat-3p3P BASIC INSTINCT canadian – 3P Naturals Basic Instincts is raw cat food designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of cats. They produce products that incorporate only the finest ingredients and that meet or exceed strict quality standards and production control procedures. www.3pnaturals.com


dog-carnivoraCARNIVORA canadian – Carnivora provides high quality fresh frozen products that encompass safe production and handling criteria for the benefit of the consumer as well as their companion animal. Carnivora only accepts healthy, disease-free whole animals from small scale establishments that follow holistic management and feeding practices. Carnivora has full dinners, meat patties, and meaty bones in a variety of protein choices. www.carnivora.ca


dog-naturespremiumNATURE’S PREMIUM canadian – Nature’s Premium is a family owned and operated farm in Alberta who takes pride in their business and improving the health of pets through diet. Their naturally raised animals produce high quality products that include raw food, bones and chews. Available in beef, elk, llama and bison. www.naturespremium.com


dog-naturesvarietyNATURE’S VARIETY – Nature’s Variety is passionate about providing pure, authentic nutrition for your dog and cat. Their full line of foods includes raw, dry, limited ingredient dry and canned diets in a large variety of protein sources. www.naturesvariety.com


dog-naturalinstinctsNATURAL INSTINCTS canadian – All meat used in Natural Instincts products is human grade and non-medicated. Most is free range and some certified organic or wild. Their meals for dogs and meals for cats that do not include bone are supplemented with Dr. Dobias GreenMin, a 100% natural, highly bio-available, whole food based calcium supplement. www.naturalinstincts.ca



PET’S GO RAW Canadian Company – Pets Go Raw produces premium quality raw pet food that promotes a simple and natural diet. They believe in helping provide pets with better health, and less food related allergy problems. Made in BC. www.petsgoraw.ca





PETS 4 LIFE – Pets 4 Life is a family owned company based in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. Their recipes have all been certified to meet the standards set by AAFCO to be “Complete and Balanced for all life stages”. All of the ingredients used in Pets 4 Life products are purchased from Canadian, federally inspected facilities. ALL of our meat, fish and poultry is Canadian raised or caught, and rated “AAA” or better.  http://www.pets4life.net



dog-reddogRED DOG BLUE KAT canadian – The Red Dog Blue Kat product line offers the ultimate in quality, balance and selection – giving you the freedom to make healthy choices that meet the individual needs of your animal companion. Non-medicated, free-range meats, fresh juiced vegetables, and packaged in serving size portions, Red Dog Blue Kat has a wide assortment of proteins including kangaroo and wild boar. www.reddogdeli.com



dog-springmeadowSPRING MEADOWS canadian – Spring Meadows Natural Pet Food was founded in 2004 to provide pet owners with the highest quality raw ground whole animal pet food. On the menu are chicken, beef, elk, lamb, goat, venison – most available in two sizes of combo packs, as well as individual packages. Their fine grinding process ensures that there are no large bone pieces, making Spring Meadows cat and small dog friendly. www.springmeadowsnaturalpetfood.com



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