BENNY BULLYS canadian – Benny Bullys original beef liver is made with only one ingredient! Other products include chicken breast and cheddar chops. A simple, but tasty favorite!





dog-cloudstarCLOUD STAR – Buddy Biscuits are available in six flavours such as sweet potato, chicken and peanut butter. These natural treats are made in the USA.





COMPLETE NATURAL NUTRITION  Treat solutions for both dogs & cats with nothing artificial & no added sugar. Ideal for pets with health issues. Always US made.




CRUMPS NATURALS Canadian Company – The company name says a lot. “Crumps’” plural because we are a family owned business with more than a few Crumps taking time to make sure the product your dog or cat consumes is of superior quality each and every time. “naturals” because everything we sell is 100% all natural product. There is not and never will be fillers, additives, preservatives or colours added to any of their products.



FARM FRESH Canadian Company – Farm Fresh was started by Saskatchewan ranchers who wanted to make sure their hardworking cattledogs were getting the best quality ingredients possible. Locally made and a pet favourite!




FRUITABLES – Fruitables is truly different. Amazing aromas and tastes that are unlike any pet treat today. Combining taste, aroma, texture, and design to create an experience that is as pleasing for you as for your pet family member. Take the Fruitables Challenge and smell the difference!



HERO DOG TREATS –  All of our products are single ingredient, and from government inspected suppliers. We like to say, what you see is what you get, a duck foot is a duck foot and a chickens foot a chicken’s foot. We guarantee that, “You HERO will love you for it!”





  • HOLISTIC BLEND Canadian Company – With minimally processed ingredients and low heat, Holistic Blend was the first company in Canada to make a holistic dry food.


dog-mymightywolfMY MIGHTY WOLF canadian – My Mighty Wolf is a delicious meaty blend of the freshest, all natural meat proteins. A succulent grain free moist treat featuring Omega 3 DHA for lucious skin and coat. The ultimate low calorie, gluten free, healthy treat. Perfectly sized for training as well as treating!


dog-naturesvarietyNATURE’S VARIETY – Nature’s Variety is passionate about providing pure, authentic nutrition for your dog and cat. Their full line of foods includes raw, dry, limited ingredient dry, freeze dried and canned diets in a large variety of protein sources.



dog-northern-biscuitNORTHERN BISCUIT canadian – They search high and low for the freshest, food-grade meats and vegetables sourced from Canadian growers. Many of their fresh ingredients are grown within a couple of hours of their bakery. Meats come in fresh and whole. Flours are simply milled grains or root vegetables.


dog-omhOLD MOTHER HUBBARD – These crunchy, natural biscuits start with, all-natural ingredients including: chicken, cheddar cheese, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes and oatmeal. Then they slowly oven-bake every snack to preserve the natural flavors in all the varieties dogs love to catch, chew and eat. Made in the USA.




100% pure, straight-up Green Beef Tripe, and new savory Green Lamb Tripe, Pork Tripe, Bison Tripe & Beef Tripe Training Treats, and deliciously smoky Wild Pacific Salmon made with wellness and desirability in mind.



dog-platoPLATO – Plato makes a couple distinct treats, including the Farmers Market line, the Orginal line and the Plato Thinkers line. These treats are meat based and are made in the USA.



dog-puppylovePUPPY LOVE canadian – Puppy Love Pet Products are all natural, guaranteed 100% Canadian with no additives or preservatives. None of the products are imported and all are produced right here in Canada. Alberta made Puppy Love products include beef and bison, bones, chews and treats.


dog-purebitesPUREBITES – Purebites are made in the USA and only have one ingredient – meat! Beef liver, cheese, chicken breast and duck are among the available flavours for these deliciously healthy treats.



SLOBBERS Canadian Company – Every ingredient has been verified organic (ECOCERT Canada). We are fully committed to the well being of your dog(s), and we are the only company in Canada to walk this extra mile. Better, purer ingredients result in a better, purer product.




TUCKERS – All our meats are sourced exclusively from the USA and Canada, with the same quality as those sold in grocery stores nationwide.  Our foods are hand made and packed in Wisconsin by people that take great pride in creating innovative and nutritious products for your dog.





WELLNESS – Wellness never compromises on their recipes—selecting nature’s finest ingredients and combining them in exact proportions to help support your pet’s health and wellbeing. Wellness specializes in dry and canned foods as well as treats. Made in the USA.



dog-wet-nosesWET NOSES – Wet Noses organic treats are made with your dog’s tummy and tongue in mind. Fresh and tasty human-grade ingredients are baked into these treats – so they are healthy and delicious! Treats include regular sized biscuits, small biscuits, cupcakes, brownies and other unique treats.




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