Adored Beast

ADORED BEAST – Adored Beast Apothecary empowers you by providing high-quality natural and homeopathic products and protocols that will help you to properly support your animal’s health care needs. These products have been thoughtfully developed with over 20 years of clinical experience. Supplements focus on digestive and gut issues.


CARNIVORA – Carnivora makes both high quality raw foods as well as natural supplements for everyday health support.

Dr Dobias

DR DOBIAS – This line of supplements is formulated by BC holistic Veterinarian Dr. Peter Dobias. They strive to provide the latest information on natural and holistic healing and nutrition in the form of articles, blogs and podcasts, top quality all natural products and supplements sourced only from human grade ingredients

Holistic Blend

HOLISTIC BLEND – With minimally processed ingredients and low heat, Holistic Blend was the first company in Canada to make a holistic dry food. Holistic Blend also makes an extensive line of all natural herbal supplements for pets.


NATURPET – A well formulated, complete line of herbal products for pets. Natures Formulae, the manufacturers of Naturpet are a progressive Canadian developer and manufacturer of herbal health products with over 30 years of experience. Topical and internal products are available in this extensive line.


RECOVERY (by Purica) – Recovery is a line of products for joint and mobility, able to suit any pet big or small. Purica makes effectiveness and safety the primary concerns. Recovery is a natural, food-based, non-drug medicine and has an ingredient profile taken from food.

Vet's Best

VETS BEST – All natural solutions for topical problems, ear and dental, flea and ticks, bites as well as shampoos and general health supplements.

NOTE: Not all Tail Blazers carry identical products. Please contact your location for product/brand availablity. Thank you.

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